Experienced Business professional with expertise in Asset Management, and a 30-year track record of excellence in Global Capital Markets, Portfolio Management, Hedge Funds, Economics, and Environmental Research.  

Proven track record of success in developing and trading a wide spectrum of proprietary quantitative strategies across multiple asset classes, and in building lasting client relationships and trust. 

Rich background with a unique blend of a strong academic background combined with over 15 years of active portfolio management trading a $ 380 million portfolio.

Out-of-the-box strategic thinker and problem-solver with proven leadership and management skills.    

Tenacious in the pursuit of excellence and one who will not back down in the face of adversity. 

Team player, not afraid to lead, but always willing to learn from and teach those around me. 

Excellent presentation skills with an uncanny ability to explain complex issues. This skill is backed by several teaching awards and high speaker ratings at conferences.

Solid track record as a portfolio manager and researcher. Credited with pioneering work in Portfolio Management and Asset Allocation including Sector Based Asset Allocation and Quadratic Optimization modeling.

Excellent client interaction, marketing, and product development skills with a proven track record in institutional consulting and developing high revenue retail products.

Strong analytical, quantitative and technical thinker with advanced degrees in Mathematical Finance and Econometrics, and           comprehensive knowledge of Large Data Analytics, Mathematical Modeling, Time Series Econometrics, Modeling Complex Derivatives, Stochastic Processes, Market Microstructure, Financial Engineering, Statistics, Behavioral Finance  —Winner of the prestigious CBOE award for Excellence in Investment Research.

Strong entrepreneurial spirit

    Cofounded and Headed Product Development& Research for IndexNow, one of the first online Portfolio Management                      services designed for individual investors. The company pioneered cutting-edge portfolio analytical tools including the first use of sector-based ETF's. 

    Founded a Quantitative Hedge Fund and single-handedly raised $ 350 million in capital for the Fund. Involved in founding and developing several other companies including an Angel Network for funding startups, and two Environmental Service companies specializing in drinking water and waste water solutions in India.

In summary:

a) A leader with a can-do attitude and a proven track record of success.

b) Exceptionally well trained with superior technical and analytical skills.

c) Wide range of global experience through multiple market cycles. 

d) An excellent communicator with superior writing skills.